My Story

My name is Emmanuel Chinezube Maduneme and I’m currently a doctoral student at the School of Journalism and Communication University of Oregon. My research interests intersect with message effects, constructive journalism, and African media. I am attempting to reimagine afro-pessimistic news production and practices by local and international media establishments.

My research also explores constructive news production within and about the African continent. I also have a strong interest in persuasion/media effects research and how they can drive social cohesion and political participation.

I was born into a family of seven, both my parents are late. I spent most of my formative years in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Madonna University Nigeria. I went on to volunteer for three years with the state-owned radio outfit: Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria FRCN, where I honed my radio news reporting and program production skills with a significant focus on human interest and political stories. I eventually left public media to hold a news anchor/reporter position at Today FM Port-Harcourt. During this time, I had discovered a passion for imparting knowledge; I began an introductory class on radio news and presentation without charge. Many of my students resided in rural parts of the country and was unable to afford the services. My desire to understand and interrogate the value of media and its potential impacts led me to pursue a master’s degree in Strategic Communications at the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communication, University of South Florida

Some of my skills include data analysis software (SPSS and Nvivo), audio/visual software (Premiere Pro/Audition) among others. When I am not skimming through a journal article for academic research purposes, I’m doing it to put together TV feature reports on social justice, unemployment and healthcare issues. My works have aired in Radio Nigeria Network News, PBS WEDU, and WFLA both in Tampa Florida.


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